Identity and Logo Design

For an Abu Dhabi based Yoga for the Special Child ® Therapist
SAYoga logo example

Logo Design

This referral client needed a business logo, identity, and website (under construction) for her fledgling yoga business. Specializing in a theraputic form of yoga, called Yoga for the Special Child ® the client was interested in expanding her business, informing potential clients, and introducing herself.

SAYoga logo

Before we could create the website we needed content and Special Abilities Yoga needed a logo, color palette, and typography. The client wanted her brand to reflect the quiet tranquility that yoga can bring with a nod to the colors of the Abu Dhabi mangroves.

The circle in the logo represents harmony, nature, and movement. The font Quicksand was chosen beacuse it's very clean, minimalistic, and compliments the geometry of the circle.

design brand board
SAYoga Brand Board
logo exploration examples
Logo concept exploration